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Bare Naked Lip Balm

Keep your kisser soft and smooch able with Bare Naked Organic Lip Balm!

Made with pure locally harvested beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter, & coconut oil, your kisser will be ready to pucker up when you need it the most!

Lips are our most visible yet, least protected feature. On a daily basis, our lips are exposed to a significant amount of elements; sun, wind, cold etc.  And unlike our skin, our lips lack the natural ability to protect themselves from these elements, which can leave them dry, cracked and irritated. Let’s face it; taking on today’s brutal world with dry cracked lips is no picnic!

Not to worry!  Bare Naked Organic Lip balm is loaded with organic ingredients your kisser will love!  Nutrient packed and full of moisture, beeswax and coconut oil are the two key ingredients that give our lip balms its moisturizing properties. Coconut oil and beeswax are excellent natural alternatives to the waxy substances often found in manufactured chap sticks, and is easily absorbed into the cell structures of our lips, leaving your lips with a soft silky look and feel.

Sweet almond oil and shea butter are then added to finish off this remarkable creation, because without added shine and sun protection, lip balm is just plain lip balm!  A bit of sweet almond oil will give your lips a boost of shine while shea butter, possessing a naturally occurring SPF 6, will provide protection from those nasty elements, leaving your lips soft and pliable for years to come.